At big box stores, shopping for home hardware is a less than pleasant experience. The selection is limited, and curated to be inexpensive with mass appeal. The experience hardly resembles a treasure hunt. There is none of the pizazz and showmanship of furniture shopping. It’s functional. Invisible.

At MG Hardware, we recognize that this is a missed opportunity. Hardware highlights the details of a home. It interacts with the lighting, becoming a part of the experience. It’s a signifier of quality, a statement of workmanship and status.

Case-in-point: Imagine opening a door. The doorknob is loose, lightweight and feels like plastic. Well, it could be the door to the Palace of Versailles, but you would think it was a cheap hotel.

Hardware matters.

Hardware deserves a better shopping experience, and customers deserve access to better quality.

We designed the MG Hardware experience to be enjoyable. You’ll discover forms and textures beyond what you’d already imagined. We stay far away from novelty, maintaining a curated collection of tasteful pieces.

We went West, we went East, we went far, we went wide. And we brought it all back here, to one central location. You get the convenience of shopping in chic Italian showrooms and vintage California workshops, all in one place.

How could it be better, you ask? Free shipping. Easy returns. Great customer service.

You’re in charge of your home. We help you make the right choices.